May 17, 2022

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B&M addict explains 9 tried and tested shopping hacks to stop you overspending

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It can be easy to get carried away in B&M, but one fan of the discount chain has shared her top tips for keeping costs down.

Demi Donnelly, a 25-year-old influencer from Newcastle and self-confessed B&M addict, says there are certain questions she asks herself during each trip to avoid spending more than you planned.

Her tips include always checking if she can get a product cheaper elsewhere, and if she really needs that item in the first place.

If she doesn’t need it, or didn’t use a similar product the last time she purchased it, then it goes back on the shelves.

Demi, who posts on Instagram as demidonnellyx, told : “I try to limit myself when I go to B&M – I have an addiction.

“When I go to stores like this, I can’t seem to not spend.

“I realised I need to stop myself from spending too much so during this trip to B&M I asked myself some questions which helped me to reduce how much I bought.”

Here are the questions she asks herself to keep costs down.

Demi describes herself as a B&M addict


1. Do I need this?

Demi says the first question she asks is: do I need this? If the answer is no, then she doesn’t buy the product.

She said: “I almost picked up a Superdry mop for cleaning my tiles, as it was only £6.99, but I asked the first question and realised I didn’t need it as my spray mop at home will do the same job.”

2. Do I have storage for this?

It can be hugely frustrating when you find something you love, only to discover you don’t really have the space for it at home.

Thinking about where you can put that new rug, cushion, or whatever it is, could save you cash if you realise you don’t have anywhere to put it.

Demi said: “I ended up asking this question when I saw a spice rack. It was only £9 and looked like excellent value for money, but I simply don’t have the counter space in my kitchen.”

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Demi shopping in her local B&M


3. Is it a gimmick?

Don’t be fooled into purchasing a product just because it is new, or you haven’t seen it before, says Demi.

Always ask yourself if you actually need it in the first place.

Demi said: “It was tempting to buy a Bin Buddy spray because it looked like it would keep the bin smelling nice, but my usual trick is to put Zoflora in there and if I know that works I don’t need to buy the gimmicky item.”

4. Is it value for money?

Don’t just take a product for face value – always look at the price per unit to help you find the best price.

The same goes for weight. Can you get the same size but cheaper by downshifting or going for a different brand?

Sometimes shops will have deals on as well, where the bigger version of an item you want is actually cheaper than its smaller version.

Demi said: “My go-to store for toilet roll is B&M due to the bargain prices. I got an 18 pack of loo roll for £3.49 which will do me nicely.”

Just because something is reduce, it doesn’t always mean it is worth buying if you won’t use it


5. Have you used the last product?

If something catches your eye, but you bought something similar recently and didn’t use it, then it makes sense not to buy it again.

Also take a moment to ask yourself if you’ve already got that item in your cupboards already.

Demi added: “I don’t want to buy something new if I still have an existing product at home. For example, Fabulosa toilet cleaning gel is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while and it had a good price in B&M for only £1.

“However I need to follow this new rule with my cleaning products so I didn’t end up getting it.”

6. Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?

Comparing prices is the only way to know if you can pick up the same item cheaper elsewhere.

Use websites like to compare prices against all the major grocers and discounters like B&M and Aldi.

Demi said: “If you have your eye on a homeware product but you can’t afford it, try looking for similar items in discount stores to get what you need without the eye-watering bill.”

B&M is known for its super cheap prices, so it is easy to get carried away


7. Will it last?

Just because something is cheap, it doesn’t always mean it is good quality.

If you’re going to have to fork out more money buying another version of a product because it has already fallen apart, then it simply isn’t worth it.

Check customer reviews online to see what other shoppers think.

But on the flip side, if you’re buying something that you know won’t last long – and are fine with that – then it may be best to go cheap.

It all depends on why you’re buying it and if you want it long-term.

For example, Demi added: “I got another dog bed because my two pups have destroyed a few lately but I didn’t want to spend too much, so I got one at B&M for £14 which they have used before and it lasted a fair while.

“I wouldn’t want to waste money if I end up replacing it before too long anyway! Therefore my seventh question applies – will it last?

8. Will it make life easier?

How much of an impact will that impulse buy really have on your life?

If you don’t really need it, or have a similar product that can do the same job, then you probably don’t need to buy it.

Demi said: “For example, I picked up some glass window cleaning wipes for my glass coffee table because, while my cleaning spray does do a good job, my table gets dirty pretty much every day and I would prefer to give them a quick wipe down instead of getting the spray out each time.”

9. Will I actually use it?

The final question is to ask yourself if you’d actually use the item anyway, or will it end up gathering dust?

If the answer is no, then save yourself money by putting it back.

Demi said: “If it’s reduced to clear, will you make use of it? It can be tempting to grab everything in the aisle when they’re discounted, but you could end up with more produce than you’ll end up using.”

Tom Church, co-founder of, said: “Finding bargains is always fun, but it’s important to avoid buying something simply because it’s cheap.

“Demi’s questions are a great way to reduce your spend in discount stores.”

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