June 29, 2022

Moka Bellaire


Clever hacks to save money when shopping at Zara

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Zara is one of our favourite budget-friendly shops but savvy shoppers will know there are many ways to squeeze a bargain out of the retail giant.

With the high street shop constantly releasing new lines the problem is not only wanting to buy the entire shop but finding the pieces you’ve been eying up for the last few weeks.

But of course there are a number of ways to find those pieces and to reduce the number on the tag.

Create an account

If you haven’t already done it, the first step to saving money and finding out about sales first is to create an account with Zara. If you sign up to their newsletter you will get notifications on when a sale is set to start along with updated discount information.

Bookmark your favourite items

Don’t let all that mindless scrolling go to waste. Bookmark your favourite items so you can see what is discounted when the sale starts.

Special prices

Like other online retailers, Zara has a ‘special prices’ section on their website to reduce items in between their seasonal sales. In the Special discounts section Zara have items that have the discounts already applied to them so if you’re looking for a new coat or pair of heels this could be the section where you find them.

See pics in the photo story below

Sign up for notifications

There is nothing worse when you have your eye on a coat or a pair of heels but only to find out that it’s sold out well there is a way around it.

The little symbol next to the size of the item will let you know when the pieces are back in stock. By clicking the icon you will instantly get a notification when it returns so you can snap it up before it disappears again.

Choose your shopping days wisely

Another tip, just like booking a holiday, it’s best to shop on specific days. Shopping on Zara on a Monday or a Thursday are said to be the best days to make your purchases because it’s when new lines get released.

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