February 7, 2023

Moka Bellaire


Hourglass Solstice Gel Liner and Canvas Lip Gloss | Overheard at Sephora

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Hiya! It’s just me, sporting some things I acquired a short while ago at Sephora — a bronze gel eyeliner (Hourglass Solstice) and a opaque pink gloss (Hourglass Canvas).

I loooove this liner! I consider the bronze coloration provides a touch of definition to my lids and lash lines with no my earning eyes glance much more hooded (the wrestle is serious when you get into your 40s).

However undecided on how I really feel about the gloss, even though. It did a good deal for me back again in the working day and was a go-to purse gloss for a several several years, but now I’m like, “Eh, it is a’ight.” I however like how it feels (not also sticky) and how it doesn’t have an obnoxious taste or scent (vaguely minty). My soul, however, is not shook-eth to the core, and I require that now from my makeup — primarily gloss!

Forgot to mention yesterday that while I was browsing I overhead a mom and daughter workforce chatting about blush. The mom claimed, “According to my daughter I’m no longer allowed to use blush that’s powder.” The daughter replied, “You can continue to don it, but you have to layer it less than product blush initial.” LOL!

I question if that’ll be me and Connor in the future… Anything tells me probably? Or it’s possible not. She experienced a dance efficiency a few months ago and was totally agency on NOT wearing blush or eyeshadow. Pink lipstick was fine (and it was element of their costume, so she had to don it), but she definitely refused to set anything at all on her cheeks or lids.

As well funny!

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