May 17, 2022

Moka Bellaire


McDonald’s, Nando’s and Burger King money saving hacks to save you cash on your favourite meals

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A personal finance company has shared a few canny ideas to save money at McDonald’s, Burger King and Nando’s and some of them are brilliant.

Ocean Finance has come up with money-saving tips for the popular restaurants to help customers save cash when dining out.

Not only do the hacks help you save money, but in some instances they help you get more product for your pound, ideal if you’re sharing.

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From ways to get more of your favourite chicken at Nando’s and a smart hack to make your own bacon double cheeseburger at Burger King, here’s what Ocean Finance recommend:


If a £3.19 McChicken Sandwich is your favourite, you should try the Saver Menu 99p Mayo Chicken. It’s the same ingredients but with a smaller portion of chicken. You could buy two and double up the meat and still save cash.

Ocean Finance also suggest making your own Big Mac for half the usual price. Just order a Double Cheeseburger and ask to swap the existing sauce for Big Mac sauce and shredded lettuce. It’ll be like a normal Big Mac, only without the extra bread in the middle.

The finance company also says you can get extra toppings on your McFlurry if you ask – they’re 20p more.

And finally, the company suggests checking your receipt from your last trip to McDonald’s. Sometimes, you get the option to fill out a survey online to receive a discount on your next order, including a half price Big Mac.


If you’re having a Nando’s with someone and they both want fries, you should considering ordering a large portion of fries as it contains 20{9670350b45c49ee3dc8792284767a5b4ffafe0cfe03225e3eb632463a44db818} more than two regular portions.

If two of you are ordering half a chicken each and two regular sides, get a full platter instead. It gets you a whole chicken, two large sides or four regular fries for £21.95. That’s a saving of £1.55 for the exact same food.

It’s also worth remembering that you can get a 20{9670350b45c49ee3dc8792284767a5b4ffafe0cfe03225e3eb632463a44db818} discount there if you work for the NHS, the police, or the fire and ambulance services. You just need to show your photocard ID before ordering.

Burger King

If you fancy onion rings AND fries but you don’t want to buy both, you can ask staff to do you a half and half box, Ocean Finance says.

You can also replicate a bacon double cheeseburger for £2.47, rather than buying the usual £3.99 burger. To do it, you need to order a plain £1.49 double cheeseburger off the King Saver menu and add two sides of bacon for 98p.

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