May 17, 2022

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Reasons Why Jackie Aina Is One Of The Best

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Between her IG stories, sense of humor, and newest brand Jackie Aina is TRULY a gem!

This is beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina, and honestly, if you don’t know who she is I’m judging you a little bit.

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While I’m mostly just kidding, now’s the time to learn all about Jackie. Here are only some moments throughout Jackie Aina’s career that show just how impactful and informative she is.


Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American beauty influencer from Los Angeles — she started on YouTube back in 2008 and has been THEEEE beauty influencer on the platform for well over 10 amazing years.


Throughout the years, Jackie has proven to be a reliable and relatable beauty influencer and she’s always advocating for inclusivity within the beauty and fashion community.

It’s a foundation that I swear by to this very day, so if you haven’t tried it, please do!


And if it couldn’t get better, in 2019, Aina released a palette in collaboration with makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.


In 2018, she won the NAACP Image Award for YouTuber of the Year.


Aina has also used her platform to speak out and bring awareness to the #EndSars movement, which is short for Special Anti-Robbery Squad.


Apart from being an advocate, Jackie has also been known to give advice for some life topics, one most recently titled “How To Spot FRENEMIES”

View this video on YouTube

@jackieaina /

In the video she states, “I think that if more of us admitted our own toxic traits and became a little more self-aware and truthful you know, about where our feelings really come from we’d have a lot less conflict in the world, we really would.”


In 2020, she released her brand titled FORVR MOOD where you can shop for candles, pillowcases, headbands and candle care!


Around the same time of her FORVR MOOD launch, she also created a new Instagram page dedicated to all things lavish named @lavishlyjackie.

On her newest page, you can find all kinds of videos surrounding her favorite perfumes, shoes and tips on how to feel refreshed with your clothing during quarantine!


And if that’s not enough, she has a great sense of humor that she displays during various videos found on her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel.

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For example, when she asked to quickly explain what someone has constructed when attempting to give constructive criticism.

Twitter: @jackieaina


When she accurately described the pain we have experienced 😩😩😩

me after a period dump, a 3 hour crying session, and finding out my fave restaurant is out of French toast

Twitter: @jackieaina

Jackie Aina is a true joy to follow and part of the reason why subscribers and fans appreciate her, is her ability to be upfront, honest and add humor to her content.

And while I have only touched on a few highlights throughout her career, please be sure to follow her on all platforms while I leave you with one of her latest tweets:

I am beautiful, successful, healthy, happy, and well-liked. I have never had to compromise my Blackness to get to where I am. In fact it actually elevates me. I truly do understand why so many of you are continuously mad, I really do!!! pray about it give it to God 💋

Twitter: @jackieaina

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