May 17, 2022

Moka Bellaire


The starkly noticeable decrease in specifications of beauty

3 min read

Acquiring older  is each a blessing and a curse.  The blessing is to see how considerably has changed the curse is to see how much has adjusted.

Some of the best blessings have occur in the type of advancing engineering to make feasible what would have been nearly unattainable when I was born (1942).  Transportation has made the world smaller sized.  Intercontinental journey is now as limited as interstate journey was then.  Travel is also vastly less costly.  Bonnie and I, having traveled over significantly of the environment, marveled that when we grew up the type of journey we have accomplished would have been doable only for the very wealthy.  The draw back is that people as un-wealthy as us can also journey, and there goes the community, as they say.  If you like being in the midst of a mob, try checking out Venice!

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